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On Mon, 2003-03-03 at 01:15, ephemeron at softhome.net wrote:
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> > I have a bunch of Excel Saga anime DVDs. The Japanese cultural
> > references in this series are even more obscure then in most
> > anime, and the publisher has thoughtfully provided a feature
> > called "AD Vid-Notes" which pop up on the screen and explain
> > them. Unfortunately, they are turned off by default, and thus
> > without dvdnav I would be unable to use them.
> They are probably just subtitles. 

I can confirm this - I've got these discs as well.  (Seems there's quite
a cross-over between anime fans and mplayer users...)

The "Vid Notes" are a pairing of a separate subtitle and sound track. 
(A separate sound track to accommodate the sound effect every time the
note pops up.)  You end up with five subtitle tracks and four sound
tracks, rather than two of each.  (Quite a lot of overhead for a
seemingly simple feature...)  

Apologies for digressing off-topic for an mplayer-list, but it's one of
the more original, and rewarding, uses of the capabilities of DVD that
I've seen.

> > And what about extras which are not in MPEG form, like image
> > galleries?
> I've seen nothing useful in a DVD menu that can't be accessed by
> some combination of -dvd -chapter -sid -aid. If you want the
> stars' bio and photos, the proper tool for the job is Google.

It's a matter of taste I suppose, but hunting for "Easter Eggs" isn't
quite as much fun from the command line.  :)

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