[MPlayer-users] svgalib color problems

Luis Marsano lmmars at umich.edu
Mon Mar 3 09:36:56 CET 2003

This may not be a bug.

When I play a video file (so far tested only on avi's) with the '-vo
svga' argument, the video plays incredibly well (smooth playback, sound
sync) except the image colors seem reversed (as if watching a
negative).  Mplayer can play through other video outputs (dga, x11, sdl,
opengl) with normal video coloration (though slowly).  I've configured
svgalib as specified in the mplayer documentation by specifying my mouse
device and monitor's refresh rates in 'libvga.config' and even specified
several screen modes after testing them with the 'svidtune' demo program
included with that library.  Nonetheless, svgalib is unfamiliar to me
and I'm afraid I've forgotten something.  My graphics card is an STB
Velocity 128, which is based on nVidia Riva 128.

Would someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?  Thanks.
Luis Marsano <lmmars at umich.edu>

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