[MPlayer-users] MPlayer Slower Than Windows Media Player !!

Vladimir Mosgalin mosgalin at VM10124.spb.edu
Sun Mar 2 10:12:03 CET 2003

On Sun, 2 Mar 2003, Sharninder wrote:

S>I'm sure this has been asked a hundred times on the list. But I
S>could'nt find much information on this anywhere so i decided to ask
S>here.I have a S3 Trio 64V2/DX graphics card with 4 MB of Video RAM. It
S>has a Cyrix PR233 processor with 96 MB RAM. Windows Media player runs
S>and plays all kinds of video files on my system but mplayer hardly
S>runs. I have tried all kinds of -vo options ... x11, sdl etc.  I have

Hm. Try xv (hardware-scaling, may be slow), dga (fast, but no hardware
scaling), vesa (without X - no hardware scaling, fast). Turn of
postprocessing. And read my letter in archives for January, subject
"mplayer and window manager - desktop environment".

S>run mplayer on FreeBSD with X 4.2 and on Debian Woody with X 4.1 ..
S>it's still the same. Why can't mplayer play movies on this machine
S>when windows media player plays the same eisily.Is there some kind of
S>minimum requirement for playing mplayer.

That depends mosty on what you want to watch and how much postprocessing
is required. In some cases, p1 will be enough, in other low-end athlon
or p3 will not be able to decode with lot of postprocessing options.



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