[MPlayer-users] MPlayer Slower Than Windows Media Player !!

Sharninder sharninder at nimcal.ac.in
Sun Mar 2 09:38:26 CET 2003

I'm sure this has been asked a hundred times on the list. But I
could'nt find much information on this anywhere so i decided to ask
here.I have a S3 Trio 64V2/DX graphics card with 4 MB of Video RAM. It
has a Cyrix PR233 processor with 96 MB RAM. Windows Media player
runs and plays all kinds of video files on my system but mplayer
hardly runs. I have tried all kinds of -vo options ... x11, sdl etc.
I have run mplayer on FreeBSD with X 4.2 and on Debian Woody with X
4.1 .. it's still the same. Why can't mplayer play movies on this
machine when windows media player plays the same eisily.Is there some kind of minimum requirement for playing mplayer.

Sharninder Singh
National Institute Of Management Calcutta
Building No. 117
Command Hospital Complex

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