[MPlayer-users] Using Edit Lists

Alan Murrell alanm at vcn.bc.ca
Mon Jul 28 02:42:43 CEST 2003

Hello Again,

On July 27, 2003 05:34 pm, Alan Murrell wrote:
> The only thing I can think of, and I want to see if I am correct, is that
> the video was recorded using '-oac copy -ovc rawgrb', and when I play the
> video and try to seek, it does not.  Stopping the video shows several
> "entries" on the screen saying that video format does not support seeking.

I just discovered the '-idx' option, and am currently building an index for 
the raw avi.  I will let the index build, and try the test.edl again.  If I 
have any further issues (or the same one!), I will post to this thread again.

Of course if there are any further ideas out there, then I would still love to 
hear them!

Alan Murrell <alanm at vcn.bc.ca>

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