[MPlayer-users] Using Edit Lists

Alan Murrell alanm at vcn.bc.ca
Mon Jul 28 02:34:06 CEST 2003


I have a video that I created an edit list for testing with.  It consists of:

--- test.edl ---
0.00 2400.00 0
-- test.edl ---

My understanding is that it will cause MPlayer to skip from second 0.00 to 
2,400.00.  However, it does not do that; the video just plays normally.

My MPlayer command line is:

mplayer -vo fbdev -edl test.edl test.avi

The only thing I can think of, and I want to see if I am correct, is that the 
video was recorded using '-oac copy -ovc rawgrb', and when I play the video 
and try to seek, it does not.  Stopping the video shows several "entries" on 
the screen saying that video format does not support seeking.  Other than 
that, I am not sure why the test.edl would not work.

Your insight and advise in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Alan Murrell  <alanm at vcn.bc.ca>

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