[MPlayer-users] Re: encrypted vcd

Hans Meine hans_meine at gmx.net
Thu Jul 24 19:41:42 CEST 2003

On Wednesday 23 July 2003 18:34, Jonathan Rogers wrote:
> Has the kernel lied to you before? I'm sure there is no
> "emulation" going on and I don't know what that would mean in
> this context. VCDs do have a file in the ISO9660 filesystem that
> represents the movie, but the movie is actually contained in its
> own separate track. I don't think you can get the MPEG PS by

However, there's a separate Linux kernel module (I think cdfs) which is 
supposed to make exactly those tracks accessible. However that is
- not part of the official kernel
- having a bad reputation on this list(?), there seem to be several people who 
have had severe (kernel) crashes with it

Ciao, /  /
    /  / ANS

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