[MPlayer-users] Re: encrypted vcd

Jonathan Rogers jonner at teegra.net
Wed Jul 23 18:34:49 CEST 2003

weigelt at metux.de wrote:
>>There is a Linux filesystem driver that can expose CD tracks as files, 
>>so reading the correct file should render the MPEG stream.
> hmm, what exactly happens when i mount the VCD ?
> The kernel says, it's using the ISO-fs driver.
> Does it an emulation ? But i couln't find anything about this in 
> the kernel source.

Has the kernel lied to you before? I'm sure there is no 
"emulation" going on and I don't know what that would mean in 
this context. VCDs do have a file in the ISO9660 filesystem that 
represents the movie, but the movie is actually contained in its 
own separate track. I don't think you can get the MPEG PS by 
reading that file using an ISO9660 driver. That's why MPlayer 
reads the CD directly rather than mounting a filesystem on it. 
I'm no expert, so you'd better read detailed descriptions like 
the following for authoritative answers.


Jonathan Rogers

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