[MPlayer-users] Newbie can't even watch a damn dvd

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> Hi there,
> I am attempting to migrate from Windows, and don't
> have as much time as I would like... I am determined
> to rid myself of the accursed MS but am finding it
> hard to get into linux - no mates you see... Anyway, I
> have mplayer running in Mandrake 9.1. I just installed
> from the M9.1 disc but I don't seem to be able to play
> bought or hired discs. I have a Geforce 4 card and
> when trying to get mplayer installed using the
> instructions from the documentation found it a little
> hard to do all the things before actually making and
> installing mplayer. It runs fine with avis and will
> show ripped vobs (using SR2.41 from windows) but i
> can't manage to get it to show discs. I tried to use
> the correct syntax and all from the documentation in a
> terminal but it gives all these (after a long spiel)
> failure to read using libdvdread messages and then
> says opening and starts buffering and gets to about
> 19.8% or so and stops. It seems to be still reading
> the disc (ie it won't open and is reading the thing).
> Is there something I'm doing wrong or do I have to
> uninstall and install a proper mplayer download from
> the site (ie mandrake took some stuff out due to
> copyright issues?)? If so, will I need to install all
> the drivers and other stuff as well (for the graphics
> card, etc) or has mandrake already done that?
> I will eventually be interested in getting mencoder to
> rip and then convert to xvid (currently using
> vidomi)but I will try and walk before flying :-)
> Peace
> Antonovich
> -running Mandrake 9.1 on an AthlonXP2000 with an MSI
> geforce4-64meg with 512 ddr333 dual boot with MSxp

First off, in order to watch DVD's you have to point it to your DVD-ROM
drive, which usually tends to be /dev/hdb or /dev/hdc depending on your
hardware setup, and using the -dvd-device switch. Never point it to a
symlinked device as it tends to slow down the process of viewing info off
discs. Other than that, you might want to read the manual that comes in the
html format or check man mplayer for more details.


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