[MPlayer-users] Newbie can't even watch a damn dvd

tt uu antonovich2002 at yahoo.co.in
Thu Jul 24 00:14:36 CEST 2003

Hi there,
I am attempting to migrate from Windows, and don't
have as much time as I would like... I am determined
to rid myself of the accursed MS but am finding it
hard to get into linux - no mates you see... Anyway, I
have mplayer running in Mandrake 9.1. I just installed
from the M9.1 disc but I don't seem to be able to play
bought or hired discs. I have a Geforce 4 card and
when trying to get mplayer installed using the
instructions from the documentation found it a little
hard to do all the things before actually making and
installing mplayer. It runs fine with avis and will
show ripped vobs (using SR2.41 from windows) but i
can't manage to get it to show discs. I tried to use
the correct syntax and all from the documentation in a
terminal but it gives all these (after a long spiel)
failure to read using libdvdread messages and then
says opening and starts buffering and gets to about
19.8% or so and stops. It seems to be still reading
the disc (ie it won't open and is reading the thing).
Is there something I'm doing wrong or do I have to
uninstall and install a proper mplayer download from
the site (ie mandrake took some stuff out due to
copyright issues?)? If so, will I need to install all
the drivers and other stuff as well (for the graphics
card, etc) or has mandrake already done that?
I will eventually be interested in getting mencoder to
rip and then convert to xvid (currently using
vidomi)but I will try and walk before flying :-)
-running Mandrake 9.1 on an AthlonXP2000 with an MSI
geforce4-64meg with 512 ddr333 dual boot with MSxp 

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