[MPlayer-users] MPlayer seperate Audio channel?

Damion de Soto damion at snapgear.com
Tue Jul 22 02:01:37 CEST 2003

Nathan Morell wrote:
>     Trying to figure out if I can put mplayer on a audio channel besides 
> that of MASTER or PCM.. any help?

That's usually a restriction of the mixer device on your soundcard.  all wave-type 
sound that goes through /dev/dsp, goes through the wave/PCM mixer channel, and then 
mixed with everything else into MASTER.

Depending on what type of soundcard you have, your mixer may support programmable 
routing, which would mean you could get it onto another channel.

JACK might be helpful
and google :)

although, looking at this stuff now, it may be completely unusable with mplayer...
oh well, you've got a starting point now.

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