[MPlayer-users] Convert TGA Sequence to MPEG 2

Paul Meyer (SYD) Paul.Meyer at foxtel.com.au
Wed Jul 16 05:54:30 CEST 2003



Bit of background......


We have a system with an Optibase card which is an ASI output only card

I have just installed mplayer/mencoder and am trying to convert a
sequence of TGA file to a MPEG 2 Transport Stream file for playout


1: Will   mencoder  allow me to do this?

2: I have been try for s couple of days but seem to be hitting my head
against a brick wall?

3: I have been able to encode the TGA sequence to MTGA and Uncompressed

4: The codecs.conf says I have a mpegpes codec available for use but I
cannot seem to use it 


Maybe I am missing something?


I am running Linux 7.3

Kernel 2.4.18

I've downloaded and installed all dependencies 


Unfortunately I have been able to do this on Windows platform, but we do
not want to use windows for this application due to reliability





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