[MPlayer-users] bug in FFmpeg?

Dominik Mierzejewski dominik at rangers.eu.org
Fri Jul 11 00:23:57 CEST 2003

On Thursday, 10 July 2003, Alex [CROW] wrote:
> :)) I RENAMED IT!!
> Actually i modified your .spec -- removed all conditionals
> and let configure to decide what to include.

Oh. Sorry for suspecting you.

> It was LARGE, now it is quite small and i don't bother
> checking if i have libdivxdecore-xxx.i586.rpm (or whatever)
> installed....

Maybe so, but if you rebuild my SRPM on another RH 7.x system you get a
binary that depends on the same set of libraries. But I guess it's
irrelevant if you're building only for yourself.

> But it seems to me you have created it the way
> so it can be easily patched if needed. Did you?


> > Is Mandrake's gcc just taken from RH or have you installed RH's version?
> I said it is "updated somewhat". Well, it is my mistake to name it
> Mandrake :)) For now there's only 20% of that Mandrake left :)
> Is it clear now?


I still have no idea how to help with your problem. Have you tried the
open-source XFree "nv" driver instead of nVidia's binary one?

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