[MPlayer-users] bug in FFmpeg?

Dominik Mierzejewski dominik at rangers.eu.org
Wed Jul 9 15:40:49 CEST 2003

On Tuesday, 08 July 2003, Alex [CROW] wrote:
> [Automatic answer: RTFM (read DOCS, FAQ), also read DOCS/bugreports.html]

> Hi!
> I'm currently using MPlayer 0.90 (non-CVS), downloaded as SRPM from the main 
> site.

No, you didn't.
MPlayer 0.90rc5-3.2.2 (C) 2000-2003 Arpad Gereoffy (see DOCS)

The official RPMs have a version string similar to this:
MPlayer 0.90-RPM-x.x (C) 2000-2003 Arpad Gereoffy (see DOCS)

I don't think it is very important in this case, though.

> The problem is: playback of AVIs compressed using DivX (generally v3)  
> is scrambled. Looks like the display is torn into horisontal linear chunks 
> and these chunks are slightly moving and sometimes overlapping each one.
> This happens with almost all divx avi movies of high bitrates, fast movements 
> and if using -vo xv.
> I don;t use other vo because they all go too slow.
> NOTE: This implies to XVideo ONLY!!! X11 is ok, but slow.
> All other formats and codecs  (supported :) __go well__ (MPEG1,2 QuickTime and 
> WMA,WMV...)

Well, I'm using GeForce 256 with the same nVidia driver version as you and
have no trouble with Xv at all. Strange that you're the only one to report
a problem with playing a movie with valid multiple of 16 dimensions via Xv.

And how come your gcc version string says RedHat even though you say you're
using Mandrake?

Linux: Mandrake 8.0 but updated somewhat
XFree86 Version 4.2.1 / X Window System
(protocol Version 11, revision 0, vendor release 6600)
Release Date: 3 September 2002
       	If the server is older than 6-12 months, or if your card is
       	newer than the above date, look for a newer version before
       	reporting problems.  (See http://www.XFree86.Org/)
Build Operating System: Linux 2.4.18-23mdkenterprise i686 [ELF]
Module Loader present

Reading specs from /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i386-redhat-linux/3.2.2/specs
Configured with: ../configure --prefix=/usr --mandir=/usr/share/man
--infodir=/usr/share/info --enable-shared --enable-threads=posix
--disable-checking --with-system-zlib --enable-__cxa_atexit
Thread model: posix
gcc version 3.2.2 20030222 (Red Hat Linux 3.2.2-5)

Is Mandrake's gcc just taken from RH or have you installed RH's version?

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