[MPlayer-users] FPS or resolution?

Yan Seiner yan at cardinalengineering.com
Sun Jul 6 20:51:01 CEST 2003

I've been playing with capturing video for a while.  I have a AMD Athlon
2000, and when capturing the full PAL resolution I use about 60% cpu, so
I'd say with an 866 MHz CPU your chances are slim.  You can drop down in
capture resolution, but the quality suffers.  I grab at the highest
resolution I can, then scale down to what I want.  

I'd leave the fps alone and play with resolution.  BTW, if you're only
displaying on a normal TV, I'd guess that resolutions greater about
320x240 aren't going to make a whole lot of difference, and a bitrate
greater than 900 or 1200 isn't going to either.  Of course, if you have
a high resolution TV or are using a computer monitor, you will see a
great difference.

I've uploaded my videograb script to my web site; see
http://www.seiner.com/videograb.tar.bz2 for what I do.  That script is
should work with the more recent CVS versions; I'm not sure if it will
still work with the "official" 0.90 version.


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