[MPlayer-users] Another question about adding text to avi

Martin Collins martin at mkcollins.org
Fri Jul 4 20:33:24 CEST 2003

On Fri,  4 Jul 2003 09:57:50 +1200
lzha022 at ec.auckland.ac.nz wrote:

> I also tried to add the text when encoding using
> 'mencoder -mf on:fps=10:type=jpg -sub text.sub -subfps 10 -subalign
> 2 -ovc lavc-subfont-encoding UTF-16 -o movie.avi \*.jpg'
> But when i play the movie (mplayer movie.avi -loop 0), the text is
> not shown. Does it mean that we can not add subtitle when encoding?
> I did this because i also want to play it on Windows.

I don't know what subtitle formats Windows Media Player supports by
default but if you install ffdshow it will display .srt format.
You should be able to convert your mpsub to .srt with
 mplayer movie.avi -sub text.sub -dumpsrtsub
This will produce dumpsub.srt. Rename it to movie.srt and distribute it
with movie.avi.


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