[MPlayer-users] Another question about adding text to avi

lzha022 at ec.auckland.ac.nz lzha022 at ec.auckland.ac.nz
Thu Jul 3 23:57:50 CEST 2003


I have added a text to my avi successfully using  
'mplayer -sub text.sub -subfps 10  movie.avi -loop 0'

I also tried to add the text when encoding using
'mencoder -mf on:fps=10:type=jpg -sub text.sub -subfps 10 -subalign 2 -ovc lavc
-subfont-encoding UTF-16 -o movie.avi \*.jpg'
But when i play the movie (mplayer movie.avi -loop 0), the text is not shown.
Does it mean that we can not add subtitle when encoding?
I did this because i also want to play it on Windows.

Thanks very much.


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