[MPlayer-users] Problem with mp3 decoding

Glen Koundry gkoundry at aip.com
Wed Feb 26 22:16:50 CET 2003

When trying to play an .avi file with mplayer I get a message saying:

 Blocktype == 0 and window-switching == 1 not allowed.

followed by a segmentation fault.

  The problems seems to come from the fact that there is a return statement
after this error message in the 'III_get_side_info_2() function in
mp3lib/layer3.c.  The return statement stops 'III_get_side_info_2() from
processing the second audio channel causing problems later when the second
channel of the sideinfo structure is accessed.  Commenting out the return
statement seems to fix this.

  I realize this is probably a problem with the file I'm playing, but other
media players seem to be able to handle it a little more gracefully.

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