[MPlayer-users] mencoder for streaming

Lars Boegild Thomsen lth at cow.dk
Wed Feb 26 11:30:32 CET 2003

Hi there,

A bit off topic on the mplayer mailing list, but well - why make things so
complicated?  Depending on your choice or codec of course, why not use
ffmpeg/ffserver package on the capture side?  It does pretty much what you
need out of the package.

ffserver will spawn a ffmpeg to encode video/audio in whatever codec
supported by libavformat (divx4/5/6 primarily) and then make the encoded
stream available through http.  Pretty easy to get going and way less
complicated than using mencoder.

If you need to capture the stream and save it you can do that with mencoder
from another box in the network.

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> Is there any way to have mencoder write to a socket or FIFO, rather than
> to a file?  I want to capture a TV signal on one computer using mencoder,
> stream it by HTTP, and play it on another computer.  Doesn't work.
> mencoder seems to depend on ftell and ftello, which don't work on sockets
> or FIFOs (for obvious reasons).
> My kludge to get this to work is to have mencoder write to a file and have
> a separate CGI sleep for one second and then stream (tail -f) that file.
> This isn't really proper streaming: I have to have enough disk space free
> to buffer the entire stream.
> I don't care about being able to seek on the receiving system, so the
> index doesn't have to be right.  Seems like this should work without
> needing to write the file to disk...
> --Patrick
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