[MPlayer-users] Can't play from IDE DVD on USB2 ?

Diego Zuccato diego at otello.alma.unibo.it
Wed Feb 26 01:33:28 CET 2003


I'm having troubles playing a DVD from an IDE combo (CD-RW + DVD reader)
drive attached to USB2.
The same reader, used as a standard device (hdc) works without problems.
All the other functions are ok when attached to USB2, just when trying
to play a DVD I get (I know it's a quite old version, but it does the
same on a newer on on another machine):

[ndk at amleto Shared]$ mplayer -v -dvd-device /dev/scd0 -dvd 2
Using GNU internationalization
Original domain: messages
Original dirname: /usr/share/locale
Current domain: mplayer
Current dirname: /usr/local/share/locale

MPlayer CVS-021030-14:12-3.0.3 (C) 2000-2002 Arpad Gereoffy (see DOCS)

CPU: Intel Celeron 2/Pentium III Coppermine,Geyserville (Family: 6,
Stepping: 6)
CPUflags:  MMX: 1 MMX2: 1 3DNow: 0 3DNow2: 0 SSE: 1 SSE2: 0
Compiled for x86 CPU with extensions: MMX MMX2 SSE

/home/ndk/.mplayer/config(3): option: vo
/home/ndk/.mplayer/config(3): parameter: xvidix:mach64_vid.so
/home/ndk/.mplayer/config(5): option: ao
/home/ndk/.mplayer/config(5): parameter: alsa9
/home/ndk/.mplayer/config(7): option: double
/home/ndk/.mplayer/config(7): parameter: 1
/home/ndk/.mplayer/config(16): option: fs
/home/ndk/.mplayer/config(16): parameter: yes
/home/ndk/.mplayer/config(18): option: osdlevel
/home/ndk/.mplayer/config(18): parameter: 1
Reading /home/ndk/.mplayer/codecs.conf: 40 audio & 110 video codecs
CommandLine: '-v' '-dvd-device' '/dev/scd0' '-dvd' '2'
get_path('font/font.desc') -> '/home/ndk/.mplayer/font/font.desc'
Font /home/ndk/.mplayer/font/font.desc loaded successfully! (206 chars)
Using MMX (with tiny bit MMX2) Optimized OnScreenDisplay
Failed to open /dev/rtc: No such device (mplayer should be setuid root
or /dev/rtc should be readable by the user.)
Using usleep() timing
get_path('input.conf') -> '/home/ndk/.mplayer/input.conf'
Parsing input config file /home/ndk/.mplayer/input.conf
Input config file /home/ndk/.mplayer/input.conf parsed : 50 binds

Playing DVD title 2
get_path('') -> '/home/ndk/.mplayer/'
get_path('DVDKeys') -> '/home/ndk/.mplayer/DVDKeys'
Using CSS Key-cache dir: /home/ndk/.mplayer/DVDKeys/ICE_AGE
Reading disc structure, please wait...
*** Zero check failed in ifo_read.c:1505
    for pgci_ut->zero_1 = 0x4240
*** Zero check failed in ifo_read.c:1690
    for vts_atrt->zero_1 = 0x4240
libdvdread: Invalid main menu IFO (VIDEO_TS.IFO).
Can't open VMG info!

(The key comes from the cache...)

Is it a problem of the SCSI emulation layer ?
Is a full bugreport needed ? I don't think it's an mplayer bug, since
xine (installed only to test if that was only an mplayer fault) can't
play it, too... but this ml have the fastest answers I've ever seen :-)
and at least you can tell me where to look.


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