[MPlayer-users] What file system will let me have a indexed file over 4 gb

Net Llama! netllama at linux-sxs.org
Mon Feb 24 03:56:25 CET 2003

This is a kernel/glibc issue as well.  At any rate, any modern 
filesystem should be capable of handling 19GB files.  XFS is certainly 
alot more capable of handling very large files (many terrabytes).

I suspect this is some kind of caching problem for you, where you're 
using up all the memory+swap at 4GB.

On 02/23/03 11:44, darkshadow at shaw.ca wrote:
> [Automatic answer: RTFM (read DOCS, FAQ), also read DOCS/bugreports.html]
> I am trying to capture video using from tv then edit out commercials but without a index I can't get rid of the commercials.
> I have a 19gb video file that has no index and if I use the command "mencoder recording.avi -vo copy -ao copy -idx" it freezes when the output hits 4gb even and if I just try to watch it with a index "mplayer recording.avi -idx" when I go to the scene at the 4 gb mark it freezes. Watching it without a index works fine all the way through.
> So is there any file system I could use to get rid of these limitation since I heard this is a file system problem. Plus if it requires more then a simple modification to the kernels config instructions would be nice

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