[MPlayer-users] mencode wmv to another format

Rob rob at dsvr.net
Sat Feb 22 23:55:28 CET 2003


Sorry for being lame, but I can't seem to get a WMV file converted into 
another format.

I had tried creating a quicktime AVI however I believe this is not 
possible, no ?


Instead, I tried MPEG 1 however the file is really speeded up.



Second attempt slowed down the video but the sound is still too fast.



Can anyone help furnish me with a more appropriate mencoder cli or help 
me sort this file out for universal display on

a) windows
b) MacOS X

I was thinking Quicktime would work across all these platforms, however 
wasn't able to create a file.

NOTE: the log files are full of entries. hence their size :

Unknown block type, possibly non-MPEG stream!

In both cases I abandon the mencoder session with Ctrl C.


Rob Fielding

<rob at dsvr.net>

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