[MPlayer-users] MPlayer/SDL 360pixel wrap on Trident Cyber9525 video card

Tuukka Toivonen tuukkat at ees2.oulu.fi
Wed Feb 19 18:39:04 CET 2003

On Wed, 19 Feb 2003, Maciej Zenczykowski wrote:

>The problem is that playing back via sdl (or xv) with a -vop scale=XXX
>where XXX is not divisible by 40 results in a 'tilted' display (i.e. the

Whoo! I have the same problem _except_ that I get tilted display
only if the movie frame size is not multiple of _8_. That is, common
sizes 320x240 and 352x288 work but my web cam has 356x292 window
which causes a tilted window (both mplayer,motv and xawtv) unless
I force it to a multiple of 8.

>240, 280, 320, and 360 with any height (until OOM).  The _true_ problems
>begin (800x600 TFT display) for widths above 360 (i.e. 400..800).  The
>rightmost 360 pixels are repeated over and over going to the left.

Hmm... works for me IIRC. Althought I don't have any video that big at
handy (VideoCDs are only 352x288).

>Obviously this is a problem with the Trident Cyber9525 video drivers, any

What made it interesting to me is that I have a laptop (Acer Travelmate
332T) with also Trident Cyber 9525:

(--) PCI:*(1:0:0) Trident Cyber 9525/DVD rev 73, Mem @ 0x80800000/22,
0x80500000/17, 0x80c00000/22, BIOS @ 0x80520000/16

Make sure you have the latest XFree86 drivers; I had serious problems with
4.1 (didn't restore videomode after suspend or switch to text console).
I'm currently using Debian's xserver-xfree86 version: 4.2.1-3.

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