[MPlayer-users] MPlayer/SDL 360pixel wrap on Trident Cyber9525 video card

Maciej Zenczykowski maze at druid.if.uj.edu.pl
Wed Feb 19 18:15:59 CET 2003

Hi folks,

Slight problem, anyone can help?

I have a Satellite 2590CDT system (with extra 128MB memory) running RedHat
8.0 with mplayer-0.90rc3-2 rpm packages installed.

The problem is that playing back via sdl (or xv) with a -vop scale=XXX
where XXX is not divisible by 40 results in a 'tilted' display (i.e. the
displayed image width does not matchup with the window width and you
get horizontal lines tilting to the side...) - obviously this is only a
minor problem.  Everything works fine for widths of 40, 80, 120, 160, 200,
240, 280, 320, and 360 with any height (until OOM).  The _true_ problems
begin (800x600 TFT display) for widths above 360 (i.e. 400..800).  The
rightmost 360 pixels are repeated over and over going to the left.

IE.  Imagine a film with a pixel row: ABCDEF...XYZ displayed with a 720
pixel width, you should get A..Z, insted you get N..ZN..Z (there is a
slight 3-5 pixel blurred edge in between the Z and N).  If you start
moving the displat window of the right edge of the screen you
get the following images:
NOP...VWXYZNOP...VWXYZ (no pixels of right edge of screen)
NOP...VWXYMNOP...VWXY  (one pixel of right edge of screen)
NOP...VWXLMNOP...VWX   (two pixels of right edge of screen)

Analogous behaviour for other horizontal resolutions, no problem with

I.E.  800 pixels = 80 + 360 + 360, of which the right most 360 is OK, the
center 360 is a dup of the right 360, the left 80 is a dup of the 80
pixels at the right edge. Plus 1..5 pixel bands of bluriness between the
three pieces. (Moving pixels at the right of the right edge of the screen
results in the effect displayed above)

NB. This system is up2date according to RH Network.

(the same packages/install media works fine on two other computers with
different video cards, indeed running mplayer through ssh on a different
computer (where it works) results in the same problem (although it is also
very slow ;) ) when displaying to the notebooks screen.

Obviously this is a problem with the Trident Cyber9525 video drivers, any
idea how to fix this?

A great many thanks,

Maciej Zenczykowski

(if you need any more extra data/clarifications just holler)
(Please CC me, as I am not subscribed)

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