[MPlayer-users] Re: correct order for pp filtering in vop

Chris Phillips chris at thirtythreeandathird.net
Wed Feb 19 18:31:32 CET 2003

> Please keep mplayer mail on the list! If everyone I replied to on the
> list mailed me personally, my personal mail inbox would be overflowing
> all the time (even more than it already is!).

yeah i know, like i said i say that too in my own "realm", but it seems 
like every straight forward question i ask sinks without a trace!
> With that said, the file -dumpstream produces is perfectly good; it's
> just that mplayer can't seek correctly in DVDs to begin with. You'll
> notice the same problem if you try to seek with mplayer -dvd 1 -ss ...

right, i wouldn't have thought that it would be the same issue. but when i 
stop for more than half a second it's bloody obivious.

> The best solution is simply not to use seeking for ripping DVDs.
> There's a perfectly good -chapter option for this which will seek
> right to chapter boundaries, so you don't cut your rip in the middle
> of a scene (which is super-lame). Unlike most options, -chapter also
> works with -dumpstream, so you can do something like:

yeah that's the way i am splitting dvd's already, i just thought that by 
seeknig directly it would be able to have a more constant bitrate when 
aiming for fixed file sizes. but being cut off mid sentence would suck i 

> mplayer -dumpfile part1.vob -chapter 1-10 -dvd 1 -dumpstrea
> mplayer -dumpfile part2.vob -chapter 11-20 -dvd 1 -dumpstream

so if i copy entire chapters do you still have serious objections to -ovc 
copy-ing it instead? i really weant to be able to provide the end user 
with some status and progress information, as well as the output file 
being smaller.

thanks so much for getting back to me, i'll try and restore my faith in 
mplayer-users, but i'm paranoid arpi hates me... :D



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