[MPlayer-users] inverse telecine... not

Brian Craft bcboy at thecraftstudio.com
Wed Feb 19 05:56:26 CET 2003

Is there more to the "inverse telecine" noted in the Changelog than the fps fix in 
libmpdemux/video.c? Because that doesn't actually do inverse telecine at all.

It looks like mplayer only correctly plays NTSC film dvds that are not
telecined, and the "telecine" detection in video.c is actually a "not telecine"
detection -- it detects when a NTSC dvd has NOT been telecined, and thus the
fps must be adjusted to 24.

Telecined dvds remain interlaced in mplayer, AFAIK.

I'm currently checking out the transcode telecine support, which appears to
do the right thing, reconstructing the film frames from the telecine fields.


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