[MPlayer-users] Announce: RVE -- a use for MPlayer's bitmap overlay filter

Jonas Jensen jbj at knef.dk
Tue Feb 18 10:06:46 CET 2003

Most people who have RTFM'ed about -vop bmovl probably thought "Cool!
But it seems very difficult to use". And it is. So I've created a helper
program, like bmovl-test, except that this goes much further in terms of

Last week I used it to scroll messages across the screen and visualize
movie voting on a big screen at a LAN party, and that worked almost
flawlessly. It can also display images and animations, and even render
text on top of an animation.
One guy suggested using it for karaoke, which would also be possible if
the code is written. A lot of cool effects can be created if you have
some C++ knowledge, as RVE contains a bunch of very reusable classes and

RVE (Realtime Video Effects) can be found at <http://rve.sf.net>.
Remember to read INSTALL before building and the online docs before

Jonas Jensen <jbj at knef.dk>

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