[MPlayer-users] Skin Design Compo

Zoltan Ponekker pontscho at kac.poliod.hu
Mon Feb 17 18:49:25 CET 2003


I'd like to propose a "tequila-drinking-compo". We think the time
passed on the default skin. It's up to you to design a new, default

Looking for:
  - we DON'T accept xmms/winamp/etc skin ports
  - it must be elegant
  - it has to be extensible in functionality, it must us every features of
    the skin renderer

You can read about skins in DOCS/[en|hu|...]/skin.html, and take a look
at the default skin for examples.

Unfortunately we can't give a prize, but the winner can boast that
a program which has several hundred thousands of users starts with
his/her skin. And we'll also advertise it.


Pontscho / fresh!mindworkz
MPlayer Core Team - www.MPlayerHQ.hu

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