[MPlayer-users] [BUG] ao arts failing means console fucking up

Joonas Koivunen rzei at mbnet.fi
Mon Feb 17 16:56:41 CET 2003


while having arts taken over dsp and mplayer trying to utilize arts as another 
user, following ofc appears:

audio_setup: Can't open audio device /dev/dsp: Resource temporarily 
/tmp/mcop-rzei is not owned by user

and mplayer exists. bad thing is that from then on, no keyboard input is shown 
in the console before "reset" is executed.. i tried to look for cause of this 
in the source but i can't understand that :)) if this isn't trivial i send 
more info..

one thing more, why does mplayer exit if use of arts fails? if use of oss 
fails, mplayer runs without audio... latter is better in my opinion..

kernel is 2.4.21-pre4,
arts is 0.9.5,
ncurses is 5.2,
shell used is bash,
mplayer is 0.90rc4


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