[MPlayer-users] tv mode, possible command line parsing bug

Giuseppe Ciotta giuppi at acaro.org
Sun Feb 16 22:44:43 CET 2003


I'm using mplayer to watch tv from a v4l device and I have some questions:

1) I was suggested by Arpi to use the `immediatemode' option to improve
   audio/video sync (i have half a second of video delay using the loopback cable)

this is my typical command:

mplayer -vo xv -fs -tv\

this works (i don't use immediatemode option and i have the delay) but
when i'm trying to use immediatemode with

'on:driver=v4l:immediatemode=0' (or 1) 

i get a green screen (with audio)

Appending 'immediatemode=0' (or 1) after 'width=640:height=480' make
it work but i get no improvements on sync.

maybe i'm m{i,e}ssing something ?

3) is the audio/video sync in tv mode a know problem or it can be
   related on my particular setup ?

2) Also, there's little or no documentation on immediatemode (i've read of
   it only in manual and there's no example of usage around, i've fgrepped
   the mailing lists mbox), does it allow to use a btaudio device as
   mencoder can do ?


Giuseppe Ciotta
(string 72 101 108 108 111)

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