[MPlayer-users] mplayer fullscreen TFT out of sync in 1280x1024

Beaver beaver at mailandnews.com
Sun Feb 16 18:47:57 CET 2003

I have the same problem in other resolutions, I have just tried it.
Other video playing programs have the same problem. This happens only when 
playing video.
I have also searched google for newsgroups and the web but couldn't find any 

Does anyone have a clue of what the problem could be ?

On Sunday 16 February 2003 07:05, Beaver wrote:
> [Automatic answer: RTFM (read DOCS, FAQ), also read DOCS/bugreports.html]
> Hello,
> I have just subscribed to report this problem:
> Mplayer puts the picture out of sync on a 19" tft in 1280x1024 (standard
> resolution for this 19" tft).
>  In window mode everything is ok (but not if I maximize the window, if the
> picture touches the right and left borders of the screen it is fuzzy again,
> like a crypted channel on tv).
>  So, same in fullscreen, if it touches right and left borders its fuzzy,
> out of sync.
>  When I try:
> gmplayer -screenw 1200
>  then the movie doesn't touch the left border of the screen and its ok. But
> if I zoom from there, or use panscan to zoom or anything else to make the
> picture use the complete horizontal space then its out of sync again.
>  So, if I want to use panscan, for example I do -screenw 1100 or 1000 or
> less depending on how much I want to zoom, and if the picture doesn't use
> the whole width its ok.
>  I tried with a 17" CRT, it works. On Windows XP it works perfectly, so
> there's nothing wrong with the screen.
>  What can I do to make this fullscreen work correctly ?
> Or, eventually, to override this problem, is there any way to have mplayer
> always free about 10 pixels on the left and 10 pixels on the right of the
> movie, even after zooming ? This would certainly fix the trouble.
>  Thanks for any advice.
> PS:
> LCD screen: Acer AL922 19"
> Card: Nvidia GeForce Ti 4600
> Connection: DVI
> XFree:, Gentoo Linux
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