[MPlayer-users] changing aspect ratio in avi without reencoding

Pierre Lombard p_l at gmx.fr
Sun Feb 16 12:06:00 CET 2003

* Vladimir Mosgalin <mosgalin at VM10124.spb.edu> [2003-02-16 08:42]:

> JT>Mplayer does have an -aspect option though, and everyone is using mplayer to 
> JT>play all their videos so what's the problem anyway?-)
> I've got several videos with wrong aspect ratio... I don't like to start
> it, remember that it's wrong, and restart mplayer manually setting
> -aspect each time.

FWIW you may add a per-movie config file:

Let the movie be foo.avi:
  echo aspect = 1.42 > foo.avi.conf
  mplayer foo.avi
should autoload the filesettings.


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