[MPlayer-users] how to play ac3 stream (without video data)

Joonas Koivunen rzei at mbnet.fi
Sat Feb 15 23:06:09 CET 2003

On Saturday 15 February 2003 23:23, Bartek Kulicki wrote:
> [Automatic answer: RTFM (read DOCS, FAQ), also read DOCS/bugreports.html]
> Is it possible to play ac3 stream alone with mplayer ? For example
> demuxed DVD stream w/o video data in it. I looked but still have no idea
> if its possible. Right now if I try to play such file mplayer either
> reports encrypted VOB file (thats the one demuxed from DVD) or says its
> unsupported format. Maybe I overlooked some switches ?
> If its not possible right now - it would be a nice thing to have -
> especially that (almost?) everyting is in place (liba52, -ac hwac3...)
> So it soundn't be hard to implement ? Right now i'm using little prog
> ac3dec - it plays fine except it doesnt support seeking etc...
> regards,

hmm.. from dvd or a raw audio file? i remeber there's something about feeding 
mplayer with raw audio file.. i tried with dvd dump, with -vo null it seemed 
to work.. now i also tried on a dumped audio from dumped dvd :) check out 
-rawaudio option, hint: ac3 is 0x2000.. :) it seems to work.


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