[MPlayer-users] Can't find any good output driver for Radeon QL (8500LE)

Vladimir Mosgalin mosgalin at VM10124.spb.edu
Sat Feb 15 10:02:32 CET 2003

On Fri, 7 Feb 2003, Vladimir Mosgalin wrote:

Well, now it works (at least..), with recent firegl drivers and
"VideoOverlay" option in XF86Config Xvideo works. No rgb overlays
support, however, as it was in gatos and standart XFree drivers, but now
I can watch anything without problems.

The bugs (?) I see now are:
1) xvidix doesn't work. It produces noise without limiting video memory,
   and hangs when I limit it. Btw, who is responsible for xvidix, maybe
   this should be reported not to mplayer list?
2) vesa:dga or :vidix doesn't work too. There were reports on this
   issue, maybe that's because of glibc-3.2.1.
3) -vo gl doesn't display osd, and mplayer crashes with SIGABRT in
   vo_check_events when switching fs->win.
4) -vo gl2 is too slow, it shouldn't be such on athlon 2100+ & radeon
   8500le system... Playing 640x480 files loads cpu up to 100% and
   mplayer drops frames. Even bicubic swscaler works much faster, and
   mplayer reports gl2 to be hardware-accelerated!

If developers consider something of this to be mplayer bugs, I can
produce reports and such... If they aren't - how can I find problem



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