[MPlayer-users] realmedia, num_of_packets and DATA chunks

Balatoni Denes pnis at coder.hu
Fri Feb 14 13:58:04 CET 2003


Indeed, this is a known problem - and is solved in xine's real_demuxer.
Feel free to fix it - and/or could you provide some link to such a file?
I have been trying to fix mphq's samples/real/real_bug/Pen3.rm and Noir.rm 
(iirc the dircetories) so if you (or anybody) has ideas about  that too, or 
any other issue with the real demuxer you are encouraged to tell me about it, 
or fix it or anything :) I suppose mplayer-dev-eng is more suited for that 


btw: other problem: rv40 playback cuts some frames in half, I found the two 
lines causing it (grep for "; else" in demux_real.c, second and third 
occurances are the culprits(same line twice)) , but I don't understand why 
they are needed for rv30(they are) etc.

> i.e., a new DATA chunk.
> Probably the best way is to try to check for a new tag when the packet
> version number goes to hell, but the current code very much doesn't
> like new chunks in the middle of the stream...
>   OG.
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