[MPlayer-users] Re: lavc-Options for *BEST* quality?

Diego Zuccato diego at otello.alma.unibo.it
Wed Feb 12 22:36:39 CET 2003

Michael Niedermayer wrote:

> i guess the primary goals should be:
> * low overhead (ppl seem to care alot about 0.5% ... )
> * optional index (undamaged files should allways have one)
> * simple
> * extendible (optional headers which can be ignored)
> * error tolerant
> * allways correctly interleaved streams
> * streamable (no seeking required for decoding)
> * cutable (just chop it up and still be able to decode the fragments)
> any comments?
What about packing together frames for all the streams? So that a
"chunk" contains (for example) audio, video and subtitles for a certain
video frame (= a single timestamp). If all the chunks contain the same
number of streams, you can avoid repeating 64-bit IDs and just use 16-
(or 24-) bit "size" fields. And you can possibly avoid'em too if the
stream is fixed-size for every chunk (like CBR mp3).
And a micro-index for each (key)frame that points to at least 3 next and
3 prev (key)frames (should be quite fault-tolerant... an error in the
micro-index is detected comparing its value to the ones stored in the
others, and if 2 out of 3 agree, the different one is damaged).

Just my .02E :-) Even if I'm more than sure someone like A'rpi can write
something I could never imagine! :-)))


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