[MPlayer-users] Dolby Headphones

Robert R. Wal rrw at hell.pl
Wed Feb 12 07:56:10 CET 2003

On 03.02.11 Catalin Muresan pressed the following keys:

> 	I've read around the web about Dolby Headphones and i thought that
> using OpenAL, liba52 and a soundcard like Creative's Live one could use 3D
> positional audio to simulate the 5.1 speakers. What do you guys think ? is
> it doable ? has anyone tried or would like to try to code something like
> this ? I don't have the time but i'd be more than happy to helt with testing :)

OpenAL, and a soundcard like SBLive are for positioned audio on
multichannel speakers (3-4 or more).

What you need for Dolby Headphone is just the good (low-noise) stereo
card and (the more important part) algorithms to change multichannel
audio (e.g. 5.1 AC3 stream) into two channel stream somehow mangled in
such a way (phase shifted, filtered or whatever), that your ears+brain
think that the sounds are positioned in 3D space.

The idea is sound because you have only two ears, not six ;) But the
implementation is much more difficult, because you have to research how
the sound is changed in your ear channel depending on the position of
source and recreate this distortion programatically.

I don't believe there are free opensource algorithms for this.


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