[MPlayer-users] Makefile broken in rc4

Stefan Baehre ste.ba at gmx.de
Mon Feb 10 14:35:27 CET 2003

Arpi wrote:

> > The Makefile needs an update for the new DOCS directory structure.
> it's in CVS ('main' development tree) not in rc4 (0_90 tree in cvs)
> rc4 still have DOCS/mplayer.1

Urgh, I remember your email announcing this. This should go to the
download webpage asap or all users will start complaining about the
unstable main tree.

BTW: I'm missing some more detailed info about the differences
between the two branches. Is this a feature freeze for 0.90 and
"normal" development will continue in main, or is main no longer
suitable for users and more an experimental playground? In short:
shall users still test and report problems in main?

Stefan Baehre
ste.ba at gmx.de

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