[MPlayer-users] audio plugins buggery - resample+format

D Richard Felker III dalias at aerifal.cx
Fri Feb 7 17:35:56 CET 2003

On Fri, Feb 07, 2003 at 11:37:35AM +0200, Igor Grabin wrote:
> [Automatic answer: RTFM (read DOCS, FAQ), also read DOCS/bugreports.html]
> hiya,
> the machine in question is an older notebook, a bit weird sbpro.
> it runs openbsd. I'm getting this "by default":
> audio_setup: your card doesn't support 2 channel, Signed 16-bit
> (Little-Endian), 44100 Hz samplerate
> so, I've been applying this:
> mplayer.conf:
> aop="list=resample,format:fout=22050:format=8"

Remove this and it will work fine out of the box. -aop is deprecated.
If you want to manually insert audio filters now, use -af and RTFM
about them.


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