[MPlayer-users] PAL support

Stefan Recksiegel sr at particle.uni-karlsruhe.de
Fri Feb 7 13:56:10 CET 2003

Hi Ben,

> Sorry to bother you as this isn't really a bug, but the DVDs I have don't
> seem to play properly in mplayer. I get weird sort of streaks when there

this is what is called a perfect bug report.

> is a lot of motion. I think this might be because mplayer only supports
> NTSC decoding for TV related movies, and Australian DVDs are PAL. I don't
> know exactly how PAL works, neither have I any clue as to how implement a
> patch, but it might be a good idea to look into PAL support for
> internationalisation.

Mplayer perfectly supports PAL, actually, mplayer does not care, because
on the level of decoding and playing streams, the only difference between
NTSC and PAL is the frame rate and the frame size, the main difference between
PAL and NTSC is how the colour signal is modulated onto the carrier. By the
way, most of Europe uses PAL, the rest using SECAM. NTSC is mainly used in the
US and in Japan.

Your problem is called interlacing, try something like -vop lbb, look it up
in the documentation under deinterlacing.


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