[MPlayer-users] fixed-vo problem: OSD is not cleared between movies

Carsten Schultz carsten at gnocchi.dialup.fu-berlin.de
Fri Feb 7 00:21:31 CET 2003


-fixed-vo is not yet for the masses, but it might be used anyway (it's
quite nice), so here it comes:

I'm using CVS-030125-06:00-2.95.3.  When doing

     mplayer -fixed-vo -osdlevel 1 movie1.avi movie2.avi

and changing osdlevel to 2 by hitting `o' during movie1, osdlevel is
reset to 1 at the beginning of movie2, but the time display is not

Test with -vo x11 and -vo xv.



Carsten Schultz (2:40, 33:47), FB Mathematik, FU Berlin
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