[MPlayer-users] lavc-Options for *BEST* quality?

Albino albino.antonio at fastwebnet.it
Tue Feb 4 18:01:09 CET 2003

D Richard Felker III ha dichiarato in data 03/02/2003 19:07:

>NO, NEVER USE -NOSOUND!!! It will turn off all A/V sync code, which is
>very likely to result in broken A/V sync in the final movie. Just use
>-oac copy or -oac pcm if you have plenty disk space.
NO I have never had such a problem using -nosound and then merging ogg audio in an ogm file.

>Also, vorbis audio is a very good way to save space, but ogm container
Ogm container is not a saving format container
but ogg audio gives you some more space
and even some few MB can change the video quality a lot.

>vcelim is a very bad idea for what Sven asked for -- maximal quality
>encoding! It will save you a good many bits (for improving quality at
>low bitrate),
if you want to save your films on a CD you need a low bitrate

>Umm, vhq is more important than anything. One pass with vhq is better
>than 2pass without, IMHO. 
no psnr is better with 2pass mode, BTW I rarely exclude vhq but I always 
use 2 pass encoding.

>Of course it can vary with your source
>material. One should really read Rémi's test results on these options,
Done (some time ago), so what?

>>even if you get 0,1 bit per pixel with the above parameters some (almost 
>>all) film are not so bad, but some need even 0,2 or much more (you must 
>This is the most important part! Read encoding-tips.txt for info.
Done (some time ago), so what? ;)

BTW: some (many , almost all) films I have encoded are good with a bit per pixel ratio of about ~0,15, may be I prefer an higher resolution instead of a higher bit per pixel ratio, your teaste may vary.



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