[MPlayer-users] lavc-Options for *BEST* quality?

Albino albino.antonio at fastwebnet.it
Mon Feb 3 14:27:21 CET 2003

Sven Over ha scritto:

>I"m affraid I'm not up-to-date with all that lavc-options. (E.g. what is 
dont ask, use it ;)

>So, my question to the experts in this list: what are the options to use with 
>lavc if I want to get highest possible quality for a given bitrate. CPU-time 
>(almost) does not matter.
try this options:

as you must create an ogm file with ogg audio (64kbit/s or even less  
will be enough)
to save some space from your CDs
-ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=<here your bitrate>  
you can set the bitrate of 750 or more for an overburned 80min CD with a 
film of 2h.
but you need to choose the bitrate accordingly to the film length and 
the size of your media.

and now the *quality* options:
it's sloooow but you get almost the maximum PSNR value you can play with 
more paramaters and change the above values but you get only few or no 
better results

and don't forget vpass=2 for the second pass encoding ;)

if you are in hurry you can remove qpel, trell, v4mv and even vhq but don't go without second pass encoding.

you can encode 2h or longer film at a reasonable resolution of 640x360 (even more or sometimes less)
even if you get 0,1 bit per pixel with the above parameters some (almost all) film are not so bad, but some need even 0,2 or much more (you must try). 

and don't forget cropping (use -vop cropdetect)

...and good luck.



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