[MPlayer-users] xvid and Divx5 in the same mplayer?

Balatoni Denes pnis at coder.hu
Sun Feb 2 13:30:40 CET 2003


It seems vme=1 is the culprit for slowness.
Anyway I would be interested in such a comparision you are planning to do, 
between lavc and other codecs.
You did see the comparision by Rémi of the effect of lavcoptions - iirc you 
mentioned it. 

> I have p4 2 GHZ (512 kb cache) and I have used this:
> vcodec=mpeg4:vme=1:vhq:v4mv:vpass=1/2:vbitrate=1000:precmp=1:cmp=1:subcmp=1
> for lavcopts and -sws 2, -vop scale and crop, -oac copy (frameno.avi
> 3pass)


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