[MPlayer-users] MPlayer scrambles screen with TV-Out on NVidia

Pferdekaemper, Thorsten thorsten.pferdekaemper at sap.com
Thu Aug 21 09:31:17 CEST 2003

I am using MPlayer in framebuffer mode without starting X. On my LCD, everything works fine. 
I am able to switch to TV-Out using
	nvtv -r 640,480 -s Small -t. 
When I start MPlayer afterwards, it scrambles the screen. It seems that MPlayer is doing something similar like
	 fbset -g 640 480 640 480 24
which also does not work correctly after nvtv...
I have then tried to compute (or in fact try...) some timing parameters to create an own fb.modes entry. But all I got was a moving picture on my TV. (The picture was of a sensible size and it was not scrambled, but it moved...)
Can I prevent MPlayer from changing the screen settings or something? 
Does someone know what MPlayer is doing here exactly or where I could have a look?


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