NODAEMON Re: [MPlayer-users] Re: Which TV card ?

rcooley rcooley at
Wed Aug 20 02:05:16 CEST 2003

Steven Ellis wrote:
> You might want to take a look at ffv1rec that comes with avidemux
> ( Its based on nuvrec from the nuppel tools and
> allows capture in an number off ffmpeg codecs, but uses a nuv wrapper
> rather than avi. These files can then be edited down using avidemux and
> saved as DVD/SVCD/MP4 etc
> Steve
I checked out the website and don't find anything other than the 
downloads for avidemux...  I have both 0.9 and 2.10 installed, and don't 
seem to have any such program installed, and even greped through the 
source tarball of both packages, and didn't find anything even close. 
So where exactly do I find it?

Also, I should probably mention that I've tried using ffmpegrec from the 
NVRec package (an annoyance to compile I must say) but wasn't very happy 
with it.  It does indeed work far faster than mencoder, but it requires 
more than double the bitrate compared to mencoder, just to give the same 
quality.  Also, ffmpegrec still only allows a res up to 640x480 without 
having problems (that's the main reason I don't use MythTV).

I'd like to try the program (or any others I haven't tried yet), and see 
if I have any better results.

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