[MPlayer-users] Re: Question on "trans-coding" with mencoder...

Jonathan Rogers jonner at teegra.net
Mon Aug 18 15:37:20 CEST 2003

Rainer Hantsch wrote:
> My question is:
> ---------------
> · What am I doing wrong?
> · What must I do (step by step) to get a 100% working DivX4 file?
> · Can mencoder create mpeg files, too? (I have an original SuSE 8.0, which
>   has a downstripped jpeglib, which cannot ENcode mpeg, only DEcode. When
>   mencoder can do encoding without this library, shouldn't it work? - How?
> · Is there any video cutting tool planned, which allows to work with GUI
>   and several file formats (DivX4, MPEG1/2,...)

I've had to run AVIs through mencoder twice when concatenating to get 
everything straightened out. That is, cat the AVIs into mencoder with 
-noidx, then run the result through mencoder again with -forceidx. 
Mencoder can enode MPEG-1 video using libavcodec (I don't know about 
MPEG-2), but it can only make AVIs.

Mencoder definitely does allow one to encode or copy an arbitrary 
segment out of a source video. Check out the manual for the "-ss" and 
"-endpos" options. The latter is unfortunately misnamed, since it 
actually determines the total time of the output video, not the 
timestamp to stop at.

There are several video editing tools, though I don't have much 
experience with them. I have used GOPChop for cutting MPEG-2 Program 


Jonathan Rogers

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