[MPlayer-users] mencoder TV Capture - video buffer full

rcooley rcooley at spamcop.net
Thu Aug 14 07:02:45 CEST 2003

David Frey wrote:
> After I run the command, I can see my memory usage rising quickly in
> gkrellm.  Once the memory is almost all used up, this error is printed
> over and over quite quickly "video buffer full - dropping frame".  I
Try prefixing the command with "nice -n -19", to make sure mencoder gets 
all the CPU power it needs.  You should also make sure your hard drive 
has DMA enabled, as well as things like PIO, 66MHz IDE bus.  (See hdparm)

If that doesn't work, you have some other, more serious problem.

> below.  I can view the TV using both mplayer and xawtv.  Another issue
> is that once I try to start recording, the audio is played through my
> speakers for some reason and then after I terminate the recording, the
> sound won't stop until I unload the bttv module.  Any ideas?
Easy solution.  Mute your line-in.

You must have the audio cable connected from your soundcard to the TV 
card?  You should probably unplug it.  You say you have btaudio working, 
so you don't need it hooked-up.

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