[MPlayer-users] Problem with mencoder

mslama at email.cz mslama at email.cz
Wed Aug 13 15:29:28 CEST 2003

> I encountered the very same problem with some DVDs titles.
> The symptom is that mencoder seems to skip every second
> frame.  I tried various things to find out what exactly
> was causing it, but without success.  It must be a bug in
> the A/V synchronisation code.  It happen's only in 3-pass
> mode, though, when you copy the frameno.avi audio into
> the resulting stream using -oac copy, and only with _some_
> DVD titles.

>  > Is anything I could do to fix this?

> Use 2-pass mode, i.e. don't encode audio separately.

Yes it works fine with 2 pass mode. Thanks :)


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