[MPlayer-users] MPlayer cvs tv capture and kernel 2.6.0-test series

Fabio Papa f.papa at mcmspa.it
Thu Aug 7 16:04:33 CEST 2003

Hi list,
as you may or may not know, new 2.6 series kernel dropped the "old" bttv 0.7x 
driver and uses 0.9x instead, which main feature is (I think) v4l2.
I have tried it last evening, capturing a star trek show from a vhs of mine, 
but it gave pretty bad results. I get lots of B (and S I think) frames, 
particularly in the first 3-4 seconds, and then I have other B, but not that 
much, for all the lenght of the work. 
What's really weird is that this gets worse if I lower resolution, by using 
the scale filter: I capture from bttv in 768x576 and then scale to 352:288. 
This way I got tons of Bs even after the initial 3-4 seconds, and the 
resulting video is unwatchable. 
Now, I know maybe mplayer needs something to work well with this new driver, 
but can someone confirm this?
Fabio Papa
Engineering division
Machining Centers Manufacturing S.p.A.
viale F. e G. Celaschi 19 - Vigolzone (PC) Italy

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